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Energy and sustainable development

Developing greener technologies and processes

Energy and sustainable development

Developing greener technologies and processes

Targeting energy efficiency

Every day, researchers at the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering are actively advancing sustainable development through their work on more energy-efficient and greener mineralurgical processes, more efficient turbine and wind turbine prototypes, and cleaner chemical processes such as catalysis and electroactive polymer manufacturing.

The catalysts we’ve developed are simple organic molecules containing abundant and non-toxic elements.

Frédéric-Georges Fontaine, professor, Department of Chemistry Canada Research Chair in Green Catalysis and Metal-Free Processes

Research Units

Research centres, institutes, and groups

My project tracks the energy behaviour of wooden residential buildings to learn how to improve their energy efficiency. I work with concrete data to find practical solutions.

Jean Rouleau, PhD graduate in mechanical engineering supervised by Professor Louis Gosselin

Resources for researchers and student researchers

The Vice Dean of Research

The mission of the faculty’s Office of the Vice Dean of Research is to familiarize faculty members with research funding program requirements. Its research development advisors can assist researchers in preparing funding applications and drafting research contracts. They can also provide information and guidance on technology transfer opportunities.

Learn more about the Office of the Vice Dean of Research

Le Lab en ligne

The Faculty of Sciences and Engineering’s LAB en ligne is a virtual space that showcases and profiles the faculty’s research equipment and facilities. The service provides graduate students, faculty members, and industry professionals with access to state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable cost along with opportunities for collaboration.

Lab en ligne