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Office of the Vice Dean of Research

Fostering research and innovation

As part of a faculty renowned for its technological advances and discoveries in basic science, the Office of the Vice Dean of Research plays an important role in helping faculty members find funding for their research. Its team of advisors provides guidance on the terms and conditions of grant and partnership programs and helps faculty members draft and edit grant applications and research contracts. The office also advises researchers on technology transfer opportunities for their discoveries and inventions.

Fostering partnerships and collaboration

As part of its mission, the Office of the Vice Dean of Research forges links between industries and researchers to promote knowledge transfer and mutually beneficial collaboration. It also deals with ethical issues and responsible conduct in research to ensure a solid framework for partnerships.

Our advisors can provide data and statistical analysis on research at the Faculty.

The Office of the Vice Dean has developed a number of virtual tools to simplify researchers’ efforts and encourage collaboration.

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