Water and environment

Improving water quality and preserving ecosystems

Water and environment

Improving water quality and preserving ecosystems

Taking care of the planet

Canada is a vast northern country with an abundance of wildlife, plants, water, and other natural resources. But these resources are under threat from climate change, increased urbanization, and agriculture. That’s why many of our researchers are working on issues related to water management, protection, treatment, and optimization as well as ecosystem biodiversity and the conservation of marine, wildlife, and plant species.

Research Units

Funded research program

  • Sentinel North Scientific director: Marcel Babin, professeur titulaire, Department of Biology

Research centres, institutes, and groups

I’m fascinated by biodiversity. It inspires me to investigate the interplay between evolutionary and genomic processes that cause a species to form two reproductively distinct species.

Clément Rougeux, PhD graduate in biology supervised by Professor Louis Bernatchez

Resources for researchers and student researchers

The Vice Dean of Research

The mission of the faculty’s Office of the Vice Dean of Research is to familiarize faculty members with research funding program requirements. Its research development advisors can assist researchers in preparing funding applications and drafting research contracts. They can also provide information and guidance on technology transfer opportunities.

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Le Lab en ligne

The Faculty of Sciences and Engineering’s LAB en ligne is a virtual space that showcases and profiles the faculty’s research equipment and facilities. The service provides graduate students, faculty members, and industry professionals with access to state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable cost along with opportunities for collaboration.

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