Materials science

Designing materials with extraordinary properties

Materials science

Designing materials with extraordinary properties

Improving and producing new composite materials

Many of our professors are working to create longer-lasting, more resistant, and greener materials with ever more exciting properties. They are developing new polymers for solar cells, luminescent nanoparticles for medical imaging, composite structures for more durable pavement, and aluminum alloys for bridges.

These monomers would use natural materials to replace three types of polymers that are currently produced on a very large scale: epoxy resins, polycarbonates, and polyurethanes.

Serge Kaliaguine, professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

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My interest in cancer research led to a Ph.D. dissertation on brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy) using radioactive gold nanoparticles. The project combines materials engineering, nanotechnology, and medical physics.

Myriam Laprise-Pelletier, Ph.D. graduate in materials engineering and metallurgy upervised by Professor Marc-André Fortin

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The Vice Dean of Research

The mission of the faculty’s Office of the Vice Dean of Research is to familiarize faculty members with research funding program requirements. Its research development advisors can assist researchers in preparing funding applications and drafting research contracts. They can also provide information and guidance on technology transfer opportunities.

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Le Lab en ligne

The Faculty of Sciences and Engineering’s LAB en ligne is a virtual space that showcases and profiles the faculty’s research equipment and facilities. The service provides graduate students, faculty members, and industry professionals with access to state-of-the-art equipment at reasonable cost along with opportunities for collaboration.

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