Graduate research projects

Make the leap to graduate studies

Key steps to admission

1.Learn more about research at the faculty

Start by taking a look at faculty members’ research interests and topics to get an overview of the research taking place in our 13 departments and schools. You can also consult our list of research units to get an idea of the faculty’s main fields of expertise.

2.Browse the research projects on offer

Use the search tool below to learn about some of the projects available to graduate students. Feel free to explore projects at different departments: you might be surprised at the multidisciplinary research opportunities available. Associated master’s (thesis and research paper) and PhD programs are listed for each project. Consult the list of faculty members for a full summary of their research interests.

3.Contact one or more professors

When you have found one or more professors whose fields of research match your interests, contact them by email or phone. This step is not required for admission to master’s with research paper programs. Professors will want to review your record in detail in order to confirm their interest. Send them a CV that lists your scientific accomplishments (publications, laboratory experiments, etc.), a letter of interest, and two or three letters of recommendation. If a professor agrees to supervise you, you must get confirmation in writing. A positive response from a professor does not guarantee admission to Université Lava. There is one final step to complete.

4.Apply for admission

When filling out your application you will need to specify the field of research you wish to specialize in and the professor who has agreed to be your supervisor. You will be admitted to your chosen program if a faculty member agrees to supervise you and your application meets program admission requirements and is approved by the program director.

Guaranteed financial aid

The university and the faculty provide significant financial support for graduate students. Whether you are a master’s or a PhD student, several funding sources are guaranteed by the university to help you during this pivotal stage in your academic career.

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Available research projects

Here’s a list of projects for which professors are looking for students. In addition to a project description, you will find the contact person’s name, the sought-after profile and requirements, the documents required for application, and the deadline.

Consult the French version of the tool for the complete list of research projects.

School of Actuarial Science

There is no research project posted by professors from this department at this time. To find out about the expertise of the departmental, consult the professors page.


Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Bio-informatics

Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Civil and Water Engineering

Department of Mineral, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Geology and Geological Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Physics, Physical Engineering, and Optics