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Ladd Johnson

Professeur titulaire

Champs d'intérêts

  • Écologie des algues marines benthiques
  • Interactions entre les plantes et les animaux
  • Modèles biophysiques climatiques
  • Écologie des espèces introduites aquatiques

La liste complète se trouve sur le site du laboratoire de Ladd Johnson.

  • Johnson LE, Brawley SH, Adey WH (2012) Secondary spread of invasive species: historic patterns and underlying mechanisms of the continuing invasion of the European rockweed Fucus serratus in eastern North America. Biological Invasions 14:79-97.
  • Lamote M, Lemoine Y, Johnson LE (2012) Photosynthetic and demographic responses of an intertidal alga to emersion: the interplay of intertidal height and meteorological conditions.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 428: 16-23.
  • Drouin A, McKindsey CW, Johnson LE (2012) Detecting the impacts of notorious invaders: experiments vs. observations in the invasion of eelgrass meadows by the green seaweed Codium fragile. Oecologia 168:  491-502.
  • Le Corre N, Johnson LE, Guichard, F (2012) Connectivity as a tool to manage coastal ecosystems in changing oceans. In Oceanography, M. Marcelli (ed.), Intech Publisher, pp. 235-258.
  • Gagnon K, McKindsey CW, Johnson LE (2011) Dispersal potential of invasive algae: the determinants of buoyancy inCodium fragile ssp. fragile. Marine Biology 158:2449-2458.

  • Ph. D., University of Washington (1989)
  • B. Sc., Oregon State University (1980)